Monday, 24 September 2012


I've set up my first shop to sell some of my vintage first item went on sale on etsy today :

More to follow......

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Goodwood Revival and a new name!

It's been too long since my last post...I'm so sorry! But I've been to Goodwood Revival and it was fabulous! I was even approached and asked to be a finalist in the "best dressed"! Very honoured to be asked as the fashion on display was amazing. Ladies looked so beautiful and the gentleman dashing. Anyway I believe pictures speak louder than words so I've posted lots below. It's defiantly now an annual event in my callander.

You may have also noticed a blog name change , I have been busy setting up a vintage online shop! I'm very excited ad I'll link into my shop from here with all my finds and items for sale.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Victory Ball and Goodwood tickets

The Victory ball was brilliant,full of glamour and beautiful vintage costumes. There is nothing like a full swing band to get people dancing! Photo below of my friends in their vintage inspired outfits at my house prior to the ball.

I'm also back from completing the Manchester marathon and in 1980s vintage :) as I did it dressed as Wonderwoman! I've also qualified for London next year ( my time was under 3hours, 50mins) so I need a new outfit idea for that....vintage obviously.

My tickets for Goodwood revival arrived too and the document holder is all in style so I've posted pictures below. My thoughts will now be turning to my husband's outfit .....

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Reproduction vintage and buttons

As I've started my collection of vintage clothing I've found myself realising that my figure and height etc is more suited to the older styles from the 40s than modern day clothes! For example, I bought some reproduction 1940s jeans recently from 20th century
And I'm loving have jeans with a waist! No more hip hugging jeans which are very unflattering. I also bought a Bettie Page inspired jumper with three quarter sleeves and a shorter body which sits perfectly on my waist - no more big and baggy jumpers that swamp me. Brilliant website with beautiful reproduction clothes and I'm addicted already :)

And now for some delicate work as I try to mend the buttons on my 40s wedding dress for tomorrow. Wish me luck as I feel very nervous sewing on something so beautiful and old.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

My photographer....

Nearly forgot to thank my photographer who is my 7year old aspiring vintage collector too , thanks Kimmy xx

Vintage ball outfit and hair

So my outfit is also sorted now and I took some pictures today after the hairdresser played with my hair. Trying to channel Rita With my hair style :) I think Donnie from Rainbow Rooms in Stirling did a fab job!

Then my jeans also arrived from 20th century Foxy and they fit perfect so I posted some pictures too.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Shoes again and jeans

My ballroom 1940 style shoes arrived and look perfect with my 1940 cocktail dress! Do pleased and now already for the Victory ball next week...I'll be taking loads of photos of all the vintage outfits next week and can't wait.

I have also ordered some 1940 replica jeans for my work and as soon as they arrive ill post a photo and more info!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


With only 2 weeks to go till the 1940s victory ball I'm starting to panic about shoes! I did find some lovely 1940s inspired shoes which work well with everyday outfits (picture below) but nothing to match my cocktail dress!

So tomorrow I'm off to an antique shop in Stirlingshire to source ratings and shoes...I'll post lots of photos. In the meantime I welcome any comments on ideas for 1940s shoes ( I'm mainly thinking ballroom style sandals would work best?)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Knitted 1920s style knew lace finished!

Hurrah I've finished the knitted knecklace. Really was rather fiddly and I skipped crocheting a chain as it didn't thread through the knitted beads! Sometimes you just have to improvise with these patterns and I used a single strand of wool instead.

Pictures below and I hope my friend likes her wee vintage inspired gift :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Vintage life magazine

Been unable to blog for a while as I started a new job full time on a children's farm as an admissions supervisor. Lovely place but my uniform is a hoodie and jeans - not very vintage! So I may have to look at getting some 1940s jeans... lots of new things have happened since my last post :

Very excited to find my picture in Vintage Life magazine this month both my own creation for Goodwood and the 1940s wedding dress for the victory ball in 2 weeks. Crazy seeing my picture in print!

My 1920s necklace gift is still in production and I've banned myself from starting my next project till then, but I'm off to a fabric shop in Glasgow tomorrow and I'm sure I'll come back with my next project!


Monday, 12 March 2012

A 1920s inspired necklace with a twist!

Been getting ready for a certain performance which is indeed vintage fashion related - but will blog on that at the end of the week...till then sssshhh i can't say a word ;)

In the meantime i've been working on a gift for a friend. It's a 1920s inspired knecklace with a twist, it's knitted! Yet again from a vintage inspired pattern book and very easy to make if not a tad time consuming.

All you need are 3 1/4mm needles and 4 different coloured wools. I've used the 4ply left over from the Pucci purse but you could mix and match and use any left over yarns. The pattern? cast on 10, knit 8 rows, cast off, sew together, fill with stuffing and voila you have a knitted bead :) I'm making 50, 10 of each colour which ill then attached to a croched chain.

Final picture should be ready by Wed as this is my deadline but in the meantime below is the picture that inspired it and a few of my beads.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pucci style 1960s bag

Late night last night finishing off the Pucci bag ( once i'm near the end of a project i can't stop till it's finished). 2 episodes of the BBC Sherlock later - brilliant series now on DVD and it's finished :) Ready for my mum in law for mother's day.

After knitting both pieces i decided on a purple satin liner as purple is one of my m.i.l's favourite colours. I had a train to catch to Glasgow first thing yesterday so i spent the journey attaching the lining to one piece. I then completed this last night on the other piece then simply joined the 2 together. The hard part was attaching it to the purse frame which involved gluing it in place and crimping the frame down tight. I really hope she loves it!

ps i used 4ply yarn in colours : ice, Rivera red, lime and amethyst using about half a  50g ball of each to complete the whole bag. Trying to capture the Mediterranean colours that Pucci was known for.

working on the go - attaching the lining on the train
Pucci style bag finished!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

My first vintage fair and a 1940s dress

What a day! Heard on the grapevine that is facebook, that a vintage fair called "Granny would be proud" would be taking place in Glasgow at a place called "Hillhead book club" ...sounded intriguing.
So myself and my daughter headed off for the day to find out more. We were not disappointed. Hillhead book club was a huge building ( found out it was an old cinema) off Byres st in Glasgow in the middle of all the city's vintage shops. Its actually a bar and restaurant with such brilliant quirky style and a fab friendly atmosphere. Upstairs the fair was taking place with vintage sellers from Club Noir ( selling old costumes) to stalls selling period shoes and bags. After a  couple of cupcakes ( Oreo cookie flavour!) and lots of tea out of beautiful china cups, we decided to do a quick tour of the vintage shops in the area.

 We  popped across the road to "Starry Starry night" to see if any 1940s dresses had come in since our last visit.......and there it was, a beautiful grey silk 1940s dress - 1948 to be exact and actually a wedding dress. I tried it on and it fitted like a glove. Few stains , which is to be expected for a dress this old and some damage to the buttons on the back but this can be restored easily. I have tickets to a vintage "Victory ball" in April and this dress was perfect for such an occasion. £45 was the asking price and a steal if you ask me, photos below showing the detail as well.
HillHead Book club

my 1948 dress

Thursday, 1 March 2012

"Ruby in the Dust"

Found a fabulous vintage dress shop in my home town of Stirling today :

Situated in the Stirling Arcade it had lots of beautiful vintage dresses, tops and accesories! One of the dresses that jumped out at me was a vintage reproduction 1950s wiggle dress with a strawberry patterned fabric and boned bodice....had to be tried on and i fell in love with it for my vintage dance class tonight :)

I also need to add that the customer service was also fabulous which makes all the difference, really recommend this treasure of a find in Stirling!

I've attached two photos , one a bit closer so you can see the cute strawberry patterened fabric.

Can't wait to go dancing now ......


Just finished reading a beautiful book about Chanel , full of the most fabulous photos.

I adore Chanel and she is without a doubt my fashion icon, I even adore Karl Largafield and how he has evolved the label. For my 30th birthday a while back i was very lucky to given my own set of Chanel pearls ( see the photo below next to the book) and i wear them whenever i want to feel empowered or just up the glamour, I would wear them every day if i could!

 I feel the next project already developing in my head - a Chanel inspired outfit and i've found the very one i'd like! Now this would be advanced sewing and i'd have to make my own pattern! scary stuff! But these Pucci purses need to be finished first so it will have to wait a couple more weeks.


Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Still knitting away at the Pucci purses but in the meantime i had an hour free today so i made a very basic apron for my little girl...and then went on to make one for myself :)

It was very easy and used some old fabric i found ...basically i cut out a simple apron shape, hemmed it and sewed on a pocket ( every cook needs a pocket!) I then hemmed some pink fabric which i had cut into a long strip, this i then attached to the top of the apron. I personally made the ribbon very long so it could be double wrapped around the waist and made into a bow at the side. I went on to customise my little girl's apron with an extra bow.

Very simple, very fast and i hope you agree it looks cute!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New project

Well Mothers day is soon so my vintage inspired brain has turned to presents for mother's day....Having searched through some old vintage knitting books i found a lovely pattern for a Pucci/Missoni style patterned purse - so that's it decided.

Glass of wine in hand, Brits on TV i started on this new project and below is a picture of the first test square for my design. I've used 4ply pure wool yarns and chose the colours i thought would clash in that Pucci /Missoni style! let me know what you think and i'll post pictures as i go along....just don't tell my mum or my mum in law!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Chris Evans!!!!!

How crazy this morning at 7am to hear my name mentioned on Radio 2 by Chris Evans! Always been a big fan and had a guilty crush on him so to hear him announce that i had finished my dress for Goodwood was crazy! Someone who shall remain nameless ( hem hem!) had emailed a picture and info on my project to the radio show....v funny to hear it on his "breaking news" but i was chuffed and found myself giggling all day ...
link still on hear for a few days and its 30mins into the start of the programme after the 7am news!    the "flipping pancake day" programme 21/2/12

He was right though i've completed my outfit way ahead of my mind has known turned to the next project......

Monday, 20 February 2012

My dress

Well after my vinatge shopping i really got down to business and worked all Sun night to finish my own dress made to a 1950s pattern....and its done! its finished! woohoo can't believe it. The petticoat i picked up in Glasgow worked perfectly underneath and i teamed it with a hat i also picked up ( which i adore!)

Posted a quick picture here and please excuse the amatuer style to the photography but i couldn't wait to post a picture of it completed. I've posted a picture from the early stages of the lining sewn together and then one of it all finished :) so happy

I'm now hooked - im a vintage girl and i will slowly rebuild my wardrobe around these designs, this is just the start!


Vintage shopping in Glasgow

Had a superb weekend vintage shopping in Glasgow.
Love my children but i left them at home this time and off i set via Starbucks to live in the 1940s/50s for one day :)
First stop was Great Western rd - a 40minute walk from Glasgow Queen st station ( using my gps and ignoring the locals advice to "just get a bus"- wheres the fun in that?) and staright away i found a beautiful shop called : "The Glasgow Vintage shop" already i was in wonderland! handbags, scarfs, shoes and staff that leave you alone to rumage.  Straight away i saw a dress i loved and tried it on....white, full skirt with pearls, 1950s BEAUTIFUL! however, too "wedding" for Goodwood and i'm already married so no need for another white dress for that occasion. However, as this was the first vintage id tried on i realsied how they had tiny waists and bigger chests in that generation. Luckily im a serious runner ( marathons are my thing) so even after 2 kids and being in my 30s i was still able to fit the smaller dresses, however, i do lack in one department and all i can say is thank you to wonderbras!

Next stop was a street i'd heard about called "Bryes rd" and wow trun off down the lanes and you are transported..."Starry Starry nights" being my fav shop here. No photos were allowed in this shop but i found one 1940s silk cocktail dress, dove grey, small tapestry style sequens and wow tiny buttons down the fitted perfectly! i was in love...but for Goodwood? unsure and at £45 i had to think as this would be half my budget ( still needed hats, petticoats etc for the outfit im making) i walked away from it but still two days later i'm thinking about this dress and i may go back for it.......

Next stop and on a manaquin in the middle of the shop was a beautiful blue dress, again 1950s....i walked around it to look at everything else first but i kept going back to it...when i saw another customer also look at it i felt protective - so it had to be tried on. Again meant to be fitted so well it was scary, completes the outfit with some white gloves and voila i felt Goodwood ready! please let me know what you think but i bought it there and then. I also picked up a petticoat for my project dress, some silk scarfs and a handbag...i was on a roll i wanted to wrap myself up in the romance of it all.