Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Reproduction vintage and buttons

As I've started my collection of vintage clothing I've found myself realising that my figure and height etc is more suited to the older styles from the 40s than modern day clothes! For example, I bought some reproduction 1940s jeans recently from 20th century
And I'm loving have jeans with a waist! No more hip hugging jeans which are very unflattering. I also bought a Bettie Page inspired jumper with three quarter sleeves and a shorter body which sits perfectly on my waist - no more big and baggy jumpers that swamp me. Brilliant website with beautiful reproduction clothes and I'm addicted already :)

And now for some delicate work as I try to mend the buttons on my 40s wedding dress for tomorrow. Wish me luck as I feel very nervous sewing on something so beautiful and old.

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