Thursday, 29 December 2011

Thank you Santa!

Been on an internet ban for Christmas - but wow what a time and how lucky was i...thanks to Santa!? i have a brand new sewing machine! Very excited to crack on now with the project...even have the fabric , a beautiful purple taffeta and lining to match.

Tomorrow i will start with cutting out the pattern pieces and post up pics ...ooh at last im starting to create!

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Inspired by listening to Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" i decided to make a muff to keep my hands warm now the snow has landed in Scotland. I also came across a beautiful photo of Marilyn with a white muff ( real mink though :o)

I wore a beautiful velvet cape with a fake fur lining for my wedding 10 years ago and had cut it down for my daughters christening. It started to look sad sat in my wardrobe and was now how could i reserect it? well making it into a hand muff seemed a perfect plan.

I started by sewing the fur trim into a muff shape then lining it with the velvet from my hood so every time i used it i remember the feeling of wearing it on my wedding day x I then added the detailing from my cape which looked beautiful i hope you agree. My hands were also lovely and warm and i did get some admiring glances when out and about this afternoon....especially from my daughter who has now requested i make one for her! this i will do and we can wear them with pride when we go ice skating next week in Edinburgh gardens.

Vintage inspired bunting

Spent an afternoon in a fab fabric shop in Glasgow today  ( next week ill hit the vintage shops in Glasgow - can't wait) i came back with fake fur and vintage style  Christmas fabric.

The fake fur is for muffs which i've started on for both myself and my little girl and i'll post about them tomorrow - the fabric is for bunting for the hallway and i started late last night cutting out with crimping scissors lots of triangles which i'm now gluing into ribbon. Pictures below but very easy to do.

Monday, 5 December 2011

knitted hearts

I've been knitting like a crazy person these last few weeks so sourcing fabric has had to go on the back burner!

Since i posted a picture up on my facebook people have been ordering hearts to be knitted - happy to do so via this blog also and post out - can be candy cane stripes or just red and all cinnamon scented ..picture in previous blog post ( £4 each plus p and p) so please feel free to comment on the blog below if you would like any knitted in time for Christmas!

I have bought myself rollers though and have taken to rolling my hair and putting up in 1940s styles which i'm loving ....i think my family have got use to seeing me even cooking now in rollers - very vintage housewife i must say :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Pattern arrived!

Hurrah my pattern arrived today for my 50s inspired dress! So i now need to source the fabric and get sewing. I'm also on the look out for Christmas fabrics to make some vintage inspired bunting. In the meantime i've been knitting like a mad woman - people have been asking to buy my knitted scented Christmas hearts :) i have another 10 to make by next Friday!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Vintage magazine

So excited when the postman arrived this morning...a beautiful new Vintage magazine arrived :) and i haven't stopped reading it/looking at the pictures since and im so inspired again.  The model on the front is stunning and inside she can be seen wearing the most fab velvet clock which i know want to make for the winter!

I've been very busy with work recently so haven't had time to really source the materials i need , however, I have been knitting vintage scented hearts for the Christmas tree when it arrives....looks like it will be a vintage inspired Christmas this year in my house ( thanks to Michael Buble's fab cd also!)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Vintage crafts and "My week with Marilyn"

Started my evening last night at my friends house with Martini cocktails before going to watch "My week with Marilyn" at the cinema and i's an amazing film! Michelle Williams as superb as Marilyn and i now need to get out all my dvds and fall in love again with Marilyn's films. Lovely pencil skirts worn throughout and beautiful high heels!

Prior to the cinema my friend also impressed me with her latest craft - vintage cake stands! She has been collecting vintage plates and then sticking them together using sherry glasses to make mini cake stands and they look beautiful - i've posted a picture of a couple and notice my martini at the side :)

Monday, 21 November 2011

Tap shoes and my Pan Am badge

Two fantastic packages arrived today - don't you just love getting a parcel! - tap shoes for my dance class today  to bring out my inner Rita Hayworth! and my Pan Am badge from America. No pattern deliveries yet but the badge is fab and i've posted a picture.

There seems to be lots of Pan Am replica bags on ebay but unless its the real thing i'm holding off. There does seem to be a general theme of accessory buying going on with my planning at the moment and i'm desperate to get sewing. Talking of which i've written my Christmas list and added a cute little pink sewing machine from John Lewis to it - fingers crossed santa thinks i've been good this year.

Saturday, 19 November 2011


I have found a pattern I love! From 1948 - now trying to get it shipped over and once I have permission i will post a picture.

 I have found out some interesting information re sizes. I was looking for a size 8 or 10 BUT those sizes didn't exsist it seems. A size 16 in the 1940s came in at 34" bust, 28" waist, 37" hip or size 18 (36" bust, 30" waist, 39" hip) this to a size UK 10 now : bust 34inch,  26 waist and 36hip.

Shapes certainly have changed over the years

First lesson learnt in the vintage world!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Patterns...decision time

I've found a fab knitting pattern for a 1940s dress which i shall start on  but keep as a back up - picture below and ill update on this as i buy wool etc ( i have a lot of knitting experience so this should't be too hard).
However, every time i find a perfect dress pattern its sold out or im outbidded ( if on ebay), very frustrating and maybe i'm being too picky.

I've posted a couple of pictures of patterns though that have caught my eye and any feedback warmly welcomed. The Pan Am pattern i shall have to put together based on a basic jacket and skirt.

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Love love love libraries and today what a old reliable library had a surprise for me today - the most perfect book for my quest, "Forties Fashion"

After loving the fashions on display in Pan Am last night ( how fab were those costumes and i now need to buy a girdle!) i'm jumping back in time to the 40s again with my thoughts and still bidding for original patterns that take my fancy in the meantime. My husband even came home tonight to catch me practicing my new skill of tap dancing along to the "Cover Girl" film again! falling in love with this era for sure.

Off to read my book and report my findings...toodles!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pan Am

How excited am I about the start of "Pan Am" on UK TV tonight - even put my hair in a bee hive style in celebration :)

I actually have an air hostess Pan Am badge and one of my Goodwood outfits may indeed be as a stewardess depending how i get on with day 1's 1940 design...i'm bidding on a pattern as we speak on ebay so fingers crossed.

p.s.loved the tap dancing lesson and will be adding this to my list of hobbies but will surely need a vintage tap dancing outfit too now!


Popped into a local charity shop today - Red Cross - they now advertise "vintage" clothes for sale. Well for the grand total of £1.50 i bought some very old gloves which will be prefect for my outfit, picture posted opposite. Very pleased with my find and will be making regular visits from now on to keep an eye the meantime that "Cover Girl" film has inspired me to take part in an adult tap dancing class tonight! glamour is creeping into my life it seems.........

Bags and sewing machines

So today i begged my husband to take me to another vintage shop but the biggest one so far. Again no 1940s clothes but loads of handbags. I'm starting to realise any 40s originals are like gold dust and im going have to stick to pictures for inspiration.

One find was an amazing original "Singer " sewing machine for £70...hand operated obviously but seen as my very basic second hand electric machine is broken , i was nearly tempted to buy the vintage version! I've posted a picture on the blog as is indeed an object of beauty.

The question is then do i pick a picture and make my own pattern ( help!) or try and buy an original 1940s pattern. I'm going to turn my efforts to sourcing a pattern

Teacups and vintage shops

My first venture to a vintage shop today for inspiration but alas it seems 1970s and 80s seem to be the bulk of clothing available...1940s rushes out of the door super fast i have been advised....however all was not lost as the shop had a tearoom so after  a scrumptious chocolate orange cup cake and hot chocolate in vintage tea  cups i hit the charity shops nearby.

Lots of real fur coats!? and fab hats ( may take to wearing hats with lace veils around the house as so beautiful!) but nothing resembling Pan Am suits or 1940s dresses.

The vintage glamour fairy did make me buy 6 pink rose design teacups and saucers though so when i do start designing i can drink Earl Grey out of out of them and pretend i'm a 1940s lady  or a movie star if i use them for
Champagne :)

Choosing my inspiration

My main role model for this project is the beautiful  Rita Hayworth, so i have been watching "Cover girl" for inspiration ( now want to book in a tap class as a result but that's another blog all together!)

Can't decide if to go mental and design/make the full ball gown or go for a more daytime/races look OR do the whole Pan Am air hostess suit as i have acquired a vintage Pam Am badge which would be perfect on the hat.

Pondering continues.......

Everything has to start from somewhere!

Today bought my tickets for the "Goodward Revival" festival  September 2012. As someone who has always been a bit of a tomboy the idea of 1940's glamour is a bit of a shock to the system but always admired those who can pull together the glamourous look of the 1940s!

So my challange is on - to learn about the fashion of this era, design an outfit and create it to the highest standard, learning how to dress make along the way and blogging my journey.......wish me luck from the vintage fairy