Saturday, 10 December 2011


Inspired by listening to Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" i decided to make a muff to keep my hands warm now the snow has landed in Scotland. I also came across a beautiful photo of Marilyn with a white muff ( real mink though :o)

I wore a beautiful velvet cape with a fake fur lining for my wedding 10 years ago and had cut it down for my daughters christening. It started to look sad sat in my wardrobe and was now how could i reserect it? well making it into a hand muff seemed a perfect plan.

I started by sewing the fur trim into a muff shape then lining it with the velvet from my hood so every time i used it i remember the feeling of wearing it on my wedding day x I then added the detailing from my cape which looked beautiful i hope you agree. My hands were also lovely and warm and i did get some admiring glances when out and about this afternoon....especially from my daughter who has now requested i make one for her! this i will do and we can wear them with pride when we go ice skating next week in Edinburgh gardens.

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