Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pucci style 1960s bag

Late night last night finishing off the Pucci bag ( once i'm near the end of a project i can't stop till it's finished). 2 episodes of the BBC Sherlock later - brilliant series now on DVD and it's finished :) Ready for my mum in law for mother's day.

After knitting both pieces i decided on a purple satin liner as purple is one of my m.i.l's favourite colours. I had a train to catch to Glasgow first thing yesterday so i spent the journey attaching the lining to one piece. I then completed this last night on the other piece then simply joined the 2 together. The hard part was attaching it to the purse frame which involved gluing it in place and crimping the frame down tight. I really hope she loves it!

ps i used 4ply yarn in colours : ice, Rivera red, lime and amethyst using about half a  50g ball of each to complete the whole bag. Trying to capture the Mediterranean colours that Pucci was known for.

working on the go - attaching the lining on the train
Pucci style bag finished!

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