Monday, 12 March 2012

A 1920s inspired necklace with a twist!

Been getting ready for a certain performance which is indeed vintage fashion related - but will blog on that at the end of the week...till then sssshhh i can't say a word ;)

In the meantime i've been working on a gift for a friend. It's a 1920s inspired knecklace with a twist, it's knitted! Yet again from a vintage inspired pattern book and very easy to make if not a tad time consuming.

All you need are 3 1/4mm needles and 4 different coloured wools. I've used the 4ply left over from the Pucci purse but you could mix and match and use any left over yarns. The pattern? cast on 10, knit 8 rows, cast off, sew together, fill with stuffing and voila you have a knitted bead :) I'm making 50, 10 of each colour which ill then attached to a croched chain.

Final picture should be ready by Wed as this is my deadline but in the meantime below is the picture that inspired it and a few of my beads.


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