Monday, 20 February 2012

Vintage shopping in Glasgow

Had a superb weekend vintage shopping in Glasgow.
Love my children but i left them at home this time and off i set via Starbucks to live in the 1940s/50s for one day :)
First stop was Great Western rd - a 40minute walk from Glasgow Queen st station ( using my gps and ignoring the locals advice to "just get a bus"- wheres the fun in that?) and staright away i found a beautiful shop called : "The Glasgow Vintage shop" already i was in wonderland! handbags, scarfs, shoes and staff that leave you alone to rumage.  Straight away i saw a dress i loved and tried it on....white, full skirt with pearls, 1950s BEAUTIFUL! however, too "wedding" for Goodwood and i'm already married so no need for another white dress for that occasion. However, as this was the first vintage id tried on i realsied how they had tiny waists and bigger chests in that generation. Luckily im a serious runner ( marathons are my thing) so even after 2 kids and being in my 30s i was still able to fit the smaller dresses, however, i do lack in one department and all i can say is thank you to wonderbras!

Next stop was a street i'd heard about called "Bryes rd" and wow trun off down the lanes and you are transported..."Starry Starry nights" being my fav shop here. No photos were allowed in this shop but i found one 1940s silk cocktail dress, dove grey, small tapestry style sequens and wow tiny buttons down the fitted perfectly! i was in love...but for Goodwood? unsure and at £45 i had to think as this would be half my budget ( still needed hats, petticoats etc for the outfit im making) i walked away from it but still two days later i'm thinking about this dress and i may go back for it.......

Next stop and on a manaquin in the middle of the shop was a beautiful blue dress, again 1950s....i walked around it to look at everything else first but i kept going back to it...when i saw another customer also look at it i felt protective - so it had to be tried on. Again meant to be fitted so well it was scary, completes the outfit with some white gloves and voila i felt Goodwood ready! please let me know what you think but i bought it there and then. I also picked up a petticoat for my project dress, some silk scarfs and a handbag...i was on a roll i wanted to wrap myself up in the romance of it all.


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